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We are driven to make job seekers stand out with the first point of contact, your resume! Our resume services will support you on your career journey.

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Need to start from scratch?  Let's do it! 

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Who are we?

Renew Resume we founded by Craig Cohen, a Canadian entrepreneur and business expert. With a focus on customer service, we look at each client as if they were family.


Professional Services

With years of business and marketing experience, we take pride in the quality of our work and the benefit it provides to our clients. If you struggle to fill in a resume, or struggle to keep it short, we have the best practices that ensure recruiters and managers are drawn to your resume.

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Quick Review

Don't let a spelling mistake cost you that position. We check spelling, grammar and format.

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Resume Writing

We build the perfect resume to display your skills. Need multiple custom resumes for different industries? No problem!

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Cover Letters too!

Writing a new cover letter for every job application can be exhausting. Let us help.


"I haven't updated my resume in years and i didn't know where to start. Renew showed me what recruiters are looking for and now I've never had so many job replies!"

Jacob Remi

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